Facts, not opinions

The importance of objectivity of facts in a world of opinions


We are now in a 2.0 society, no excuse 3.0 or maybe, while I write, we are already at 4.0. However we are all in the network, multimedia, “social”, always “connected” and, finally, with the possibility of flooding the web with our precious opinions.

No matter the topic, it makes no difference if we have always dealt with nuclear physics, but we are talking animatedly about how the upper of a crafted shoe is made or, vice versa, we are very skilful shoemakers and object to cold fusion.

It is not enough. We are so fascinated by the huge variety of content that we are faced with that we can not resist the temptation to share everything from the amazing news of the treatment of tumors with water, bicarbonate and lemon  to the appeals to save a little lamb at Easter or to leave Libyan piracy the boats of migrants.

And so we come to the paradox.

We are in an era where it is easier than ever to access information and, above all, to sources, just think about what it meant only 20 years ago to want to consult the text of a law or know what the art. 158 of the highway code, and yet we use the network (actually born with the purpose of exchanging information) essentially to “cheer” for this or that opinion, often without having any awareness of what we are talking about and without the slightest curiosity to understand more.

Consider your origins: you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge. (Dante Alighieri)

It is with these premises that this blog is born, aware of the fact that it is probably impossible to try to tell a fact not to show your opinion, but with the precise intent of describing the facts, because in words you can claim to have seen flying donkeys and certainly we will find someone who will believe ….



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